05 May

Archdiocesan Synod

Archdiocesan Synod The Arhcdiocesan Synod has commenced. The Archdiocesan synod office is situtated at the Archbishop’s house in Ernakulam. Rev. Dr. Stanley Mathirapilly is incharge of the Synod office. The matter was discussed in the Diocesan councils, namely, priest council and the pastoral council. The detailed pro...

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I started praying the Novena a few months ago and life has become better! My Mum really wanted to move house to a location in the town as our car was always breaking down and she even broke her hand while trying to walk to town once. I asked My Dear Mother for us to move to a better place, and we are here now in our new place! And we are so happy here Thank you God and Amma for this blessing!
Grace, Egypt